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I’m in a rowboat on the lake in Central Park. Fortunately I’m not rowing the boat. I’m still in college, but soon I wont be, soon I’ll be living here, in New York City. I look up at all the buildings surrounding the park, and it crosses my mind that except for the man rowing the boat, I don’t know anyone in New York City. And I barely know the man in the boat. I wonder if I’m going to end up being one of those people you read about in newspapers, who lives in New York and never meets anyone and eventually dies and no one even notices until days later, when the smell drifts out into the hallway. I vow that someday I will know someone in New York City.” (Ephron 101)

This Paragragh has included some really great examples of self- consciousness which still occurs in today’s world. If you notice the author of this passage who happens to be Nora Ephron starts off with the word “I” and from there we can make prediction that she is talking about herself. When it come to describe something itself using the word “I” is exceptionally important that we use this word.  She is grabbing reader’s attention and literally put it only on herself  and noone else. The man who is  rowboating is completely stranger to her and we don’t even know the  name of that person. She is using the present tense  to make us connect with her in someway to show us as if it was happening right now which already happened in past. She just doesn’t use the self- consciousness in present tense but also use in future tense when she said “I’ll be living here in New York City. From this we can make very much true prediction about her future plans. This passage gives us clues as of where she is right now and where she will be in future and the way she expresses her feelings.

The way she feels when she is in boating is loneliness and we can conclude that from where she said “I wonder if I’m going to end up being one of those you read about in newspapers, who lives in New York and never meets anyone”. This shows us how eageraly she wants change those feelings and she wants to meet someone who she can express those feelings with. The way she has the passions  to change those feelings is encouraged by that she doesn’t wants die all alone by herself.

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